yesterday I rode up a volcano…


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well three to be exact…

So there are these Volcanoes just west of the city. They are always looming over you watching you waiting for that perfect moment to become active again, or to be lusted over again like so many do the Sandias…

I decided they needed to be explored yesterday. Much to my bosses chagrin, as he said the trails were boring. I’m sure that’s probably true if you have ridden some of the more accomplished or pretty trails around town. I haven’t, and to me the point wasn’t to “ride great trails” it was to explore. I’m not sure how many people have ridden up a volcano, but I sure as heck haven’t before. It was breathtaking, exhilarating and I felt so lucky to have this less than 6 miles from my home… I will be back.


someone made peace with this volcanoe






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