right of passage

I’ve been told that falling on a cactus while trail riding is something that happens to everyone once. Kind of like a right of passage.

Well it happened to me less than a month after moving here… so I was feeling pretty good about myself not even thinking twice about the possibility of it happening again…

I also finally got to ride the good section(north part) of the Sandia Foothills trails. As I am new and ever learning about this riding off road thing, I had a freakin’ blast. I dropped Mel off at work so I could use the car to get to the trail head (which, so far, is my least favourite thing about Mountain biking… HAVING to use the car to get there, anyway, another time) , so it was pretty early on a Monday. Trails mostly to myself, except for a couple of really grumpy looking hikers. The trails were fun, challenging, rocky, tacky, flowing and just downright fun… I will be back and I hopefully will not fall on a cactus again… no pics to prove the cactus this time, as they were on my butt, and I’m trying to keep this PG.


WP_20130729_028 WP_20130729_022


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