El Camino Real… the OG route 66 (pre-1937)

There is something beautiful about taking something that was once used for one thing, and using for something totally different… say riding your bike down parts of route 66. Now it hasn’t been used as a main route since before 1937, but most of it is still there, albeit in much different condition, and owned by so many different people now.

So, from my home I took the Rail Runner to Santa Fe, and set out to ride the Camino Real back to Albuquerque roughly 75 miles with small detour to avoid private native roads. The part I was most excited to see was La Bajada (the Descent) which proved to be way more difficult than my 700×38 tires were prepared to endure. The rest however was a really great mix of pavement, loose gravel, sand, and just plain ol rocks.ImageImageImageImageAtop the mesa, about to descendImageI would love to have seen cars try and get up or down this…ImageImageI really wish I got a close up of those rocks… man this was seriously hard to ride on… shoulda brought the 29er. ImageImageImageswitchback heaven! if you look this up on the map it looks like a snake.ImageImageImageIts not the highest elevation change but what it lacks in that, it make ups in total gnarImageImageAlso, look how green everything is… kinda weird for the southwest, or at least I thought so.ImageIf you look close, there are two horses staring at me ahead… they didn’t move a bit, just stared at me as I rode past… ImageImageImageIn all, a very pretty ride, and a wonderful way to spend the day. I’ll do it again with Mel, but the next time I ride back from Santa Fe, I’ll take the Turquoise Trail.


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