riding the turquoise trail


On a whim, and with news of a day off. Mel and I decided to ride the Turquoise trail, from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Well,  Mel only had one day off, and we weren’t sure if we’d have the legs to ride the entire thing, we devised a way to make it work.


Mel had to work on Sunday, So I rode from our place to Madrid, NM. Which is along the road, and a decent 50 mile day for myself (mostly climbing, and the rain…) I’ve ridden most directions so far, and this is the furthest east I’ve gone. I cant tell you how excited i was to see the east mountains I’ve heard of so much. So much to take in, so much green, and to be surrounded by mountains is just breathtaking.

As I said before, Whilst I was riding, Mel was working… but when she got off of work, she drove up to meet me! Then we proceeded to stay in the coolest  B&B in town, which was only one room, and above the coffee shop in town. A nice way to avoid the rain, and some good R&R for mel having worked so much lately.

So the next day we rode the rest of the trail to Santa Fe brewing for lunch… which they apparently do not serve food at all (serious bummer). So we then traveled further to Second Street Brewing in Santa Fe proper, and was not disappointed  in the least, serious calories consumed, and pretty good beer.

After food in our bellies and the bonk debunked, we traveled back to our car in Madrid. Mostly Downhill mind you as Santa Fe is roughly 7200 and Madrid is 6200 (were still getting used to this whole elevation changing from town to town thing). 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAn amazing couple of days to be sure… A perfect blend of riding, exploring, spending time with loved ones, and the perfect way to spend the day off.

Next time we ride the trail, were gonna do the whole thing… the easy way… SF to ABQ downhill… all the way…



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