a brutal ride to Cabezon

the title says it all.

On paper the ride looked easy. Ride to the outskirts of town, take Pipeline road out to EL Cabezon… roughly 50 miles, almost entirely on dirt road(s) around 1500 feet of climbing total. Definitely doable, and if I got there early I could ride the nice Cabezon loop that goes through BLM and on to the pueblo. Or so my naive positivity led me to believe.

Well, what paper routes don’t tell you is that record winds will blow on this day, and they would be blowing exactly from the direction I would be riding to. As if the Cabezon Mesa was blowing directly at me… so it felt more like 100 miles, and 1000 feet of climbing… hard, yes, but i still finished it.  Anyway no more complaining from me…

WP_20130930_002 WP_20130930_006 WP_20130930_012 WP_20130930_013 WP_20130930_018 WP_20130930_040

this is my absolute favourite thing about being in the desert… being able to see where I am heading. Seeing long distances is both breathtaking and reassuring.WP_20130930_045 WP_20130930_047 WP_20130930_056


WP_20130930_063 WP_20130930_073


WP_20130930_091 WP_20130930_102


WP_20130930_118 WP_20130930_132

first selfie i’ve ever taken

WP_20130930_134 WP_20130930_140 WP_20130930_143 WP_20130930_144

its not an adventure till you have to portage something…WP_20130930_148


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